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What is the CA$H Program?
The 21st Mortgage CA$H Program is a bundle of community focused programs designed for land-lease communities. CA$H provides inexpensive capital for operators to fill vacant sites with new homes, affordable consumer financing for homes being sold in the community, and includes the option to finance rental homes.

When can a home be occupied?
Once you have received an email indicating that the loan is completed, you may then give the customer the keys.

What if I do not sell a spec home within 12 months?
Occasionally, we have homes that reach the 12 month mark. If you have a home that reaches the end of the 12 month period, you can either payoff the home or we can provide a commercial loan for the home to the operator using our Rental Home Program.

Can I make a profit on spec home sales?
One of the key principles of the CA$H Program is affordability to the customer. Spec homes are to be priced just above cost to maximize the affordability to customers. For details on pricing, please contact a Business Development Manager.

What is the oldest home you will finance?
We can finance homes manufactured in 1976 or newer in most states.

What happens if I sell my community?
It is very common for us to see CA$H Program communities sold. The buyer can assume any active consumer repurchase obligations and/or commercial loans, subject to 21st Mortgage approval. We require payoff for inventory homes as they cannot be transferred. For more information on this, you can reach out to us here.


Getting Started

What is needed to submit a Community Program application?
We provide a Community Application with a checklist of requested items, such as organizational documents, financials, etc. For the application and a complete list of required items, please reach out to a Business Development Manager. You can contact us here.

Is a manufactured home retailer's license required?
A manufactured home retailer’s license is required to participate in the CA$H Program. Please contact the issuing agency in your state for application requirements. The manufactured housing association in your state may offer more guidance on the application process.


Home Ordering & Setup

How does setup reimbursement work?
Under the CA$H Program, a key benefit is that 21st Mortgage will reimburse setup expenses related to the home. In general, the operator will contract with setup vendors and pay for the completion of the setup. Then, the operator will send 21st Mortgage all of the receipts and invoices for reimbursement. For details, please log in to the Resources page and refer to the setup reimbursement guide.

How many homes can I place into my community under the CA$H Program?
Initially, we will start with placing one to three homes into the community. From that point, we will match the pace that you are selling or renting homes.

Are there any manufacturer's from whom I cannot purchase a home?
All manufactured home brands are eligible.

What is the process to order new houses?
Once you are setup for the CA$H Program, you can select homes that meet the specifications of your community from manufacturers and they will submit the approved order to 21st Mortgage. The home will be built and once it is ready to ship, 21st Mortgage will pay for the home.

What is covered in the set-up allowance?
Any item that is reimbursed for the setup expense while the home is vacant and out for sale are eligible to be financed into the customer loan. Eligible items include, but are not limited to, piers, footers, a concrete slab, vinyl or brick skirting, decks, steps, A/C unit and utility connections. Once the home is sold, there may be items eligible for financing in to the loan with the customer purchase that were not reimbursed for the setup expense. Supporting invoices may be required and will be reviewed to determine if the requested item and amount can be financed.

Where can I find a good set-up contractor?
Manufactured home associations in your state are a great tool for accessing contractor contact information. Manufacturers and local retailers are also good resources for finding setup contractors.

Who handles the warranty and service on the homes?
Each manufacturer has their own guidelines to provide warranty and service work to the customer. Some manufacturers have a bill back service policy and other manufacturers have a service team to address issues. Please inquire with your chosen manufacturer to determine their service and warranty policy.


Consumer Financing

What is needed to submit a Consumer Credit application?
We provide credit applications for customers to complete and send to 21st Mortgage. A downloadable version can be accessed by logging in to our Resources page. Customers can also visit to complete an online credit application. 21st Mortgage generally decisions completed applications within 24 hours of receipt.

Is there a minimum credit score requirement?
No, under the 21st Mortgage CA$H Program we can finance all credit scores.

Is there a minimum down payment requirement?
We are able to offer financing for down payments as low as 5%, subject to underwriting guidelines

Who can I reach when I have financing questions?
We understand financing can be complicated, so we provide dedicated mortgage licensed loan originators to your customers. These specialists are called Community Loan Specialists.

How long does the loan process take from beginning to end?
This varies greatly due to how long it takes the consumer to submit needed documents, closing schedules, and post-closing document collection/correction. The loan process could go as quickly as seven to ten days.

Does the customer have to finance with 21st Mortgage?
No, if the customer finances their home through another lender, you simply request a payoff from your Community Account Manager.


Rental Program

What is the process for converting a spec home to a rental home?
Spec homes can be sold or rented. When you have a rental customer, please notify your Community Account Manager with the details of the home and they will prepare rental home loan documents.

What is the process for converting a rental home to a sale?
Many of your rental customers want to be homeowners, so as a benefit of the CA$H Program, you can convert the rental to a sale anytime without early payoff fees. Customers interested in purchasing a home can apply for a loan by completing a credit application in your office or online at As an incentive to the customer, 21st Mortgage offers these customers "new" home rates and terms on any rental home financed with 21st Mortgage and converted within 3 years of the rental contract.



Do the new homes require a valuation?
Yes, new homes financed under the 21st CA$H Program do require a valuation. We will provide the valuation to you.

How do you determine the value of a used home?
21st Mortgage pulls NADA or Datacomp values to determine the value of a used home.

In the past I have found that NADA values do not accurately reflect the values of my homes. Is there another option?
Yes, 21st Mortgage also uses Datacomp, which completes on-site appraisals in the community.



I'm new to the community business. Do you have any resources available to me to help market and sell the homes?
Yes, we work with many new operators and have marketing point of sale materials available to you, free of charge. Visit to create an account and order marketing materials.


Manufacturer's Map

Please check out our interactive map of home building facilities located across the country. You can search by location, product type or brand and find a facility located near your community to contact for new home product. Please reach out to your Business Development Manager or Commercial Community Loan Specialists with any questions regarding the map or ordering home inventory. The map icon colors represent “Preferred” Community homebuilding facilities. These facilities are ranked based on the last 12 months of volume sold to community operators through the CA$H Program.

Marketing Support

21st Mortgage provides point-of-sale marketing materials at no cost.
We provide banners, flyers, table top displays, brochures and more.
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